7/19/18: Upgraded the php version running on the server! Alas, that means some old code runs depreciated things that no longer work! Slowly updating things, going through line by line (and crying at my sloppy code!)
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' Changelog

2011-09-21 13:21:05
   Fixed PDF Export

2010-07-28 15:23:16
   Click on stars to see a chart giving breakdown of votes

2010-07-28 15:23:10
   Added ability to find games entered by user

2010-07-28 15:23:07
   User customizable favorites list. Or better yet, multiple lists per user

2010-07-28 15:22:58
   Instead of glyph text, change the buttons to similar to the go button. Do this for most (if not all) off the buttons on the list page

2010-07-28 15:22:54
   Clear all button on search box

2010-05-20 01:36:07
   Add a guestbook

2010-05-15 19:56:36
   Added a field for a link to a thread discussing game

2010-05-15 19:53:42
   Add search for games rated above x stars

2010-05-15 19:53:38
   Overall facelift and boob job.

2010-05-15 19:53:34
   On edits, older versions of data are kept. Need to create a view for those

2010-05-15 19:53:29
   Cleaned up the advanced search.

2010-05-15 10:45:50
   Add images to RTF export.

2010-05-13 23:48:23
   Fixed the bar in IE.

2010-05-13 23:48:11
   Can search for origin,

2010-05-04 10:31:36
   User list doesn't show last logged in date.

2010-05-04 10:31:34
   Add origin search to the advanced search. Have a list box of all origins? Or a text search?

2010-05-04 10:31:05
   Change the find all checkbox to a button / link.
Next line is

2010-05-01 02:20:28
   Added a lot password feature to email lost passwords

2010-04-30 01:29:15
   when a game is added, update user with number of games added

2010-04-30 01:29:05
   shrink the menu item spacing

2010-04-29 22:53:17
   Export to RTF as well as PDF to create editable documents

2010-04-23 14:06:14
   PDF prints the full thing no matter what the display settings are

2010-04-23 13:51:19
   Added a simple search

2010-04-23 13:50:54
   created changelog

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